In short, this is our story…

Hung and Sonn

In 1980 Hung and his brother Sonn came in search of the American dream. Hung earned a BS in Electrical Engineering, Sonn took the path in Asian culinary.

In 2001 Hung found himself unemployed and broke. In true entrepreneurial spirit he and his brother embarked on a venture. Family and friends thought they were crazy, but they knew they were on the right path.

By 2003 Kobe Japanese Grill was born.

Over a decade later, our passion for quality and fine food is alive and well. Our restaurant has become a local favorite. At Kobe, we go above and beyond to ensure only fresh, high quality food. Produce is prepped daily with in-house butchers. Even egg rolls are made from scratch and hand rolled. Each dish is prepared one at a time, grilled fresh to order.

Our standards are held high. We would not have it any other way.